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This game is in early access. It is currently fully playable. However there may be missing pieces, contradictory rules, and balancing issues. I am currently testing the game and will be making changes as needed. If you have played/read/run the game feel free to send me feedback using this google form.

The Setting

The year is 21XX. Climate change has ravaged Earth. The governments and international organizations of the world lacked the money and resources to stop the inevitable climate catastrophe. The remains of humanity live in a handful of isolated city-states controlled by the Megacorps, huge all-encompassing corporations that operate with no oversight and wield unprecedented wealth and power. They saved us, or so they are fond of saying. They built the seawalls and synthetic food that allowed the continuity of human civilization. 

Neon Black takes place in Prime City, the first and most powerful city state in the world and home to millions. Prime City is run by three megacorps, each made up by several subsidiary companies. The Ziggurat corporation creates hardware, from phones to assault rifles, and protects the corporate rule of law. Ishram Entertainment creates and facilitates the spiritual and cultural needs of Prime City’s citizens. Finally, Storm-Ex is Prime City’s primary retailer and runs the infrastructure and housing of Prime City.

The people of Prime City are divided among the few ultra rich and the many living poor. Corporate wage slaves work 12 hour days just trying to survive, to keep their small apartment in huge concrete communities called Stacks. The ultra rich look down from the penthouses and mansions of Five Spires, the largest and most extravagant towers in Prime City. They vacation in remote stations throughout the solar system and benefit from the unearned wealth accrued from the people they use to generate profit.

But Prime City casts a long and deep shadow, and in that shadow life flourishes. Syndicates, spiritualists, and punks carve out a life for themselves in Prime City’s underground, a life free from the wage slave grind. These people use their gifts and skills to save what they love from  megacorp oversight. They take on dangerous jobs and pursue lofty ambitions in an attempt to save themselves from a world that doesn’t give a shit about them.

The Game

Neon Black is a game powered by Blades in the Dark about a crew of gifted but desperate freelancers, trying to make ends meet while every job and opportunity is supplied by heartless megacorps and underground gangs. There are heists, chases, escapes, unwise deals, runs through the ‘Net, deceptions, betrayals, victories, and gritty adventures in a grim corporate city state. We play to find out if the crew can thrive amidst the teeming threats of powerful criminal syndicates, warring corporations, alien artificial intelligences, powerful hackers, ruins of humanity ravaged by climate change, and each crew member’s own foibles and vices.

Choose from 6 characters to play, each with their own special abilities, contacts, and items:

  • Hackers: software masters and ‘Net experts
  • Hustlers: masterminds and fixers
  • Ranks: professional and intimidating fighters
  • Splicers: gifted mechanics and chemists
  • Suits: charismatic and influential speakers
  • Synths: radically augmented operatives

Choose from 3 crews to build and support your characters:

  • Punks: activists and anarchists who steal and sabotage corporate assets
  • Hunters: bounty hunters, investigators, and extraction specialists
  • Start-Up: entrepreneurs and artists selling and developing their ideas

Play in a unique cyberpunk setting. Prime City has dozens of places and notable NPCs to fuel your game, as well as 36 factions including megacorp companies, underworld syndicates, hacker groups, and spiritualists.

  • Players: 2-5
  • Playtime: 2-4 hours per session (on average)
  • Requirements: Six-sided dice (at least seven), printed character, crew, and faction sheets (included with this game), blank paper, index cards, and other materials for note-taking.

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